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We are Lansing, MI Auto Tuners and welcome to our blog! If you are a car lover, you have come to the right place. We love cars, of all shapes, sizes, models, and years, and we love getting to discuss all the ins and outs of the vehicle industry. Are you a truck person? We have discussion forums and groups where you can chat about trucks to your hearts content! More of an old-school car person? Cars broken down by their year are available for the creation of specific discussion groups to fit your car loves. Basically, if it has to do with cars, we have got you covered.

AutoDo you like talking about cars well enough, but really prefer getting to drive them and check out the world from the windows of your favorite vehicle? We at Lansing, MI Auto Tuners provide opportunities to test drive the newest and hottest cars on the market in the Lansing, MI area. We also are happy to organize drives all throughout our gorgeous landscape for you and your friends!

Looking for people with whom you can share your love of GMC trucks or Infiniti G37s in your local area? You are sure to find local friends here who will be able to wile away the hours with you, discussing the pros and cons of your favorite cars, or waxing eloquent about why your personal favorite models are the best cars on earth. (more…)

How to get the best deal on new auto financing

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When you are considering the purchase of a brand new automobile it is important to take into consideration the type of financing options you are eligible for. So often, consumers go to the dealership and when they have settled on the new vehicle that they want, they simply take the first financing offer that is made. There is little doubt that it is not likely to be the best offer that they can secure. In order to find the best possible financing deals on new car loans, there are a few things that you need to be aware of. This guide is prepared to direct you in the ways of finding the best deals on new car loans.

CreditworthinessBeautiful car. Great details !

Before you set foot on the dealership lot, you can apply for pre-approved financing from a number of lenders who are willing to offer competitive rates. Of course, the rates that you are offered will depend upon your credit history, cumulative credit scores, your income, and your debt to income ratio. This is known as your creditworthiness. It is always a good idea to check on your credit scores with the three most commonly used credit reporting agencies. Obtain a copy of your cumulative credit report an check it for inaccuracies. Often, credit scores are lowered because of inaccuracies that are recorded. If you find an issue, you can request to have corrections made. If there are extenuating circumstances such as divorce, death or unemployment due to disability for a period of time, there is room for an explanation on the report and this can make a difference with some lenders, providing that the remainder of the report is positive.

Pre-approval for new car loans

There is a variety of different lenders who are willing to extend credit on new car loans. One of the fastest and easiest ways to compare their rates, terms and policies is to use convenient online tools that help you to accomplish this. Just plug in your personal data and the results are returned to you within a few minutes so you can get an idea of which lender is apt to offer you the best deal with the lowest interest rates. Before accepting any offers, you should carefully read about the terms and conditions of the contract. Avoid variable interest rates which can be changed after your loan has been approved, and penalties for pre-payment. The latter is more important if you think that you may wish to pay the car off early, or if you anticipate trading it in on a newer vehicle before the total amount is paid off.

According to ThoroughlyReviewed – Car Warranty Reviews section, the most pre-approval processes can be completed online and can be accomplished quicker than standing in line at your financial institution and wading through copious amounts of paperwork, questions and required documentation. Electronic applications may be completed with the use up uploading files and documents for transmission in some cases. (more…)

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