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What Are The Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant her body is constantly changing. She needs to be aware of these changes in order to stay in good health. High blood pressure can affect many pregnant women. Even if a woman had no issues with her blood pressure in the past this can change when she is pregnant. Many women may wonder what are the symptoms of high blood pressure during pregnancy?

Abnormal Swelling

When a woman is pregnant she may notice some swelling around her feet and ankles. A sign of high blood pressure is a pregnant woman is abnormal swelling in the hands and the feet, like on this twitter post. The hands and feel may swell up to be twice their size or larger. If there is pain this can be a sign of high blood pressure as well. To be on the safe side any swelling should be brought to the attention of a doctor.

Persistent Headaches

People do get headaches from time to time. If a pregnant woman has a headache that does not seem to go away or has several headaches a week this can be a sign of high blood pressure. A woman should call her doctor if her headache does not go away or if she is experiencing several headaches a week.

Protein in the Urine

When a woman goes for her checkups she will be given a urine test. If there is a high level of protein in the urine this can be a sign of high blood pressure. A doctor will be able to track the protein levels and will check for high blood pressure.

If a woman has high blood pressure during pregnancy she can develop a condition known as preeclampsia. This condition can be life threatening to her and the baby. If a woman notices any of these symptoms or changes in her body she should contact her doctor right away and ask to have her blood pressure machine levels checked.